• If you are interested in buying property in Dubai, then Dubai hills villa is the perfect choice for you as it is the best family oriented and friendly residential communal. One cannot compare the Dubai hills property with rest of the average properties of Dubai. the property is quite luxurious and only for those who can easily afford to live in. the community is quite far from the hustle and bustle of Dubai city, but the property itself is a big city considering the amenities and facilities it has. For example, the residents can enjoy the shopping mall, golf course, and tennis as well. Thus Dubai hills are a hot property and one should invest to earn high profits in future. You can compare the property with the famous Emirates hills, which is luxurious in its class. The following important reasons will prompt you to invest in Dubai hills.


    Dubai Hills Estate-a great place for kids

    The community is considered to be the most family oriented and friendly being bit far from the city. it is the best community because it has everything that a child needs on day to day basis. Your child can enjoy the best schools, shopping malls, and playgrounds. Your child does not have to travel outside the community as they can have all the recreational activities within the community along with the best schools. Thus your child will be safe and sound in the community from the city effects.


    Tranquil Environment at Dubai hills

    We have seen that mostly the bachelors live in the city as they want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city to live happily. Dubai is the city of lights with so many fun activities, that one can never be bored. But the families prefer serene environment as compared to the city life. If you want to live in a peaceful and quiet place, Dubai hills are the right choice which is not noisy like the city. After the busy and tiring day at work mostly in the city, you need some calm atmosphere to relax which is available at Dubai hills.

    Modern Amenities of Dubai hills

    Dubai hills villas have lots of facilities and basic amnesties to enjoy as compared to other communities in town. Emaar which is the best developer of Dubai is behind the Dubai hills community. The community has apartments to live in long with 5 different styles of villas such as classic, contemporary, modern, Contemporary Arabesque and, Mediterranean. The accommodations are very nicely planned and are of superb quality. You and your family can have access to the biggest Middle East swimming pool, art galleries, and lawn with lakes, golf course, and gym. The villas to the sale are equipped with the latest technology, video security, fast internet, garage and your own elevators to enjoy.


    A comfortable investment

    Before buying a property, you always have to invest some amount before, which is usually the 50% of the total worth. It's not cheap, it's quite expensive. Being an investor, you want to invest ina property which is hot and gives you great returns in future. The rentals of Dubai hills start at AED.110,000 and goes up to AED.200,000 annually, thus one can expect some great profits. The amount of deposit you pay for Dubai hills villas is above AED.180,000 and goes up to AED.4000,000 annually. To be the profitable investment, returns should be higher. One wants to get more than what they have paid. In order to reside in Dubai Hills villas, you not only get a home, but you also enjoy luxurious facilities that are not available with rest of the communities. There is a huge demand for Dubai hills apartments and villas, your investment can’t go wrong and this is the right time to do.